Antz Technology

Bringing the future to you

World's first full screen, touch screen HUD

Antz Technology is a windshield Heads Up Display kit that works on any and every vehicle on the road. The Kit is plug and play and only requires installing in the car. Please inspect your vehicle and plan where you are going to install the projector. The kit is made up of;

Raspberry Pi device
-Running a python program which connects to the car through Bluetooth to display vehicle speed, fuel and other information on the windscreen.
-Bluetooth Dongle
-8GB Memory stick for music
-Infrared Remote control

Pico LED Projector
-Tiny projector which sits on the dashboard (armrest if using full screen HUD) and faces the windshield to project a bright HD image
-HDMI 720p image
-300 lumens for full screen, 80 lumens for A4 size

Emissive transparent film
-Transparent film comes in either 32" size or A4 paper size
-Self adhesive sticks onto the windshield and allows you to see through it while projecting the HUD
-Emissive film reacts to 450nm wavelength and glows green when an LED or laser pico projector hits it with blue light

OBDII Bluetooth adapter
-Connects directly to the OBD port of any car and is what provides the speed, torque, engine load, throttle and fuel information which is projected onto the windshield

Ultrasonic sensors(Optional)
-Ultrasonic sensors work by transmitting a high frequency wave and listening to the reflected signal. It is usually used for robots to detect obstacles.
-Touchscreen sensor sits on the edge of the windscreen and detects when a driver touches the windshield emulating a interactive display
-Rear parking sensor sits in the bumper of the vehicle and causes Antz Technology to beep and display distance when an obstacle is detected (very useful for parking)

USB Microphone(Optional)

-Can be mounted on dashboard


GPS Dongle(Optional)

Get 3D navigation maps on your windshield


  • See vehicle information on the windscreen
  • Play music and see track on windscreen
  • Get current news and weather
  • Receive Email notifications from Google
  • Full screen or small screen HUD available
  • Voice alert to switch gears
  • Speech recognition system*
  • Parking and touchscreen sensors**
  • GPS navigation on windscreen


*USB microphone sold separately/ Internet connection needed

**Ultrasonic sensors sold separately

***GPS dongle sold separately